“Discover perfect harmony: Colorimetry of metals in jewelry according to your season”

What station do I belong to and what metal does it belong to?

“Discover perfect harmony: Colorimetry of metals in jewelry according to your season of the year” What season of the year do I belong to and what metal does it correspond to? “Discover perfect harmony: Colorimetry of Metals in Jewelry according to your Season of the Year.” In fashion colorimetry, people belong to a season according to the shades of which they are naturally formed.

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter

If you want to know more about the different seasons, we leave you the following link to a blog that talks about it: BLOG It is important to know our season when combining colours. A base of 3 variables is defined:

  • Brightness
  • Temperature
  • Chroma

Have you ever wondered how to choose the right metal for your earrings, depending on your season? The colorimetry of metals awakens a fascinating intersection between fashion and science, offering a range of possibilities to complement our outfits with style and elegance in every season. At Kalypso, we offer a wide variety of options to complement your style every season, including stunning Marilyn earrings that are perfect for any occasion. Below, we will help you know how to identify which colour of metal is most suitable for your station.

Spring and Fall: Brightness and Earthy Warmth

  • Spring:
    • If your skin is warm and golden, spring is your season. And if your palette is warm, then bright yellow gold is the one that suits you the most.
    • If your color palette is lighter and softer, rose gold or copper may be more flattering.

Pastel and vibrant colors predominate in clothing and accessories at this time of year. It is the ideal time to use golden metals, as they complement the luminosity and vitality of the season.

Rose Gold

  • Autumn
    • Fall’s warm, earthy palettes complement well with golden metals in deeper, richer tones. Antique gold or copper are an excellent option for you if you belong to this group. At Kalypso you can find our wonderful Marilyn copper earrings available in two sizes.

Marilyn ICON Earrings

Summer and winter: Versatile Elegance

Whether it’s summer or winter, choosing silver for your earrings offers a modern and sophisticated option that adapts to different styles and occasions. During the summer, silver gives off a subtle shine and timeless elegance that enhances any outfit, whether casual or more elaborate. Its versatility to combine with a variety of colours makes it the perfect accessory for this season, rose gold can also be an option if you want to vary from silver. On the other hand, silver continues to be an elegant and sophisticated option if you are winter. Silver, in particular, stands as a favourite option to complement the cold and dark tones that characterize this season. Our silver Marilyn earrings add a touch of shine and luminosity to your winter outfits, elevating your style on the coldest days of the year with their unparalleled charm.

Marilyn Mini Earrings

Whether we’re enjoying the heat of summer or facing the cold of winter, Kalypso’s silver-plated Marilyn mini earrings offer versatile elegance that complements any season with style and distinction. These are just general recommendations and ultimately the choice of metals for each season based on colorimetry will depend on personal taste and how a person feels when wearing them. It is important to remember that there are no fixed rules in fashion and beauty, and the most important thing is to feel comfortable and confident with your choice of colours and accessories. Taking into account which colour season we naturally belong to, we can define a more correct colour palette that helps us look better and harmonize the colours with our style, generating a better look. And I know that now you are wondering: How do we find out which station we belong to? To do this we have to analyze our characteristics and do a very simple small study to determine which station we belong to. In our next blog, we will explore this fascinating topic and help you through a simple study based on your characteristics and how they relate to colors. Stay tuned for our next posts!