Stella leopard print bustier


Crafted with premium fabrics and charming details, our collection captures the essence of past decades, particularly the vibrant 1950s and 1960s. Find in our selection the ideal dress to enhance your femininity and add a touch of nostalgia to your personal style.l.


Explora la elegancia atemporal de nuestros tops retro vintage. Inspirados en la moda de décadas pasadas, cada diseño está confeccionado con encantadores detalles que te transportarán a épocas de glamour y distinción. Destaca tuExplore the timeless elegance of our vintage retro tops. Inspired by the fashion of past decades, each design is crafted with charming details that will transport you to times of glamour and distinction. Highlight your femininity with these unique pieces. Our meticulous selection ensures that each top is a timeless style statement. feminidad con estas piezas únicas. Nuestra selección minuciosa garantiza que cada top sea una declaración de estilo atemporal.

Eva B

Kalypso philosophy

The act of dressing should be a pleasure and can even reinforce self-esteem. I dress you to fulfill your dreams, starting by finding in the mirror your best version, the confident woman.

This is what Kalypso is all about, creating timeless garments that feel good both physically and mentally. Wearing quality clothes knowing that they are made ethically in a small workshop by a woman like you, feels good.


No Restock

We choose the best quality fabrics, most are traceable deadstock or OEKOTEK-certified fabrics.

Made In Barcelona

Our clothes are made in our Barcelona workshop where we meticulously take care of every detail.

Women owned

Company founded by women, managed by women and thinking about the needs of women.