ICON Marilyn hoop earrings

Made of plated brass. For pierced ears.

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Story of hoop earrings

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The most iconic earring from the golden age of Hollywood, the most desired hoop among the divas and muses of the time. Produced exclusively for Kalypso and designed by Eva Bayrak based on authentic vintage earrings, in never-before-seen colours. After years of searching for the perfect earring for all retro pin up looks, we have finally produced the ideal earring. Coast of a 9-millimeter ball that is attached to the ear and from which the earring hangs, fastened with a ring that allows it to rotate and have mobility, the inner circumference is 3.4 centimeters. Made of ultra-light brass and plated in two metallic colors that do not exist on the market, copper and rose gold Copper was a very fashionable color in jewelry in the 50s, Renoir did not only make belts but entire lines of jewelry in copper . The Marilyn earrings in copper are perfect to combine with a Renoir Belt if you are lucky enough to have one. The rose gold earrings have been the whim of the designer, an unusual color in retro jewelry. Rose gold (real) is a precious metal, considered one of the most precious in the world. It is made up of 75% pure gold, 5% silver and 20% copper, which is what gives it its characteristic tone. Due to its composition, it results in a shine that combines with both silver and gold and really any color, it is subtle, luxurious and super glamorous. Size of 5 cm in total length and ultra light weight (8 grams). You are not going to take them off. For pierced lobes. BRASS JEWELRY CARE The most important thing to do to properly care for brass jewelry is to store it in bags or a jewelry box and avoid contact with acidic substances. Additionally: Store your jewelry separately, to prevent it from oxidizing or scratching from contact with other materials. Be careful with perfumes and hair products. It is best to apply these products before wearing your jewelry. Do not use them to clean yourself, play sports or go to the pool. Keep your perfume drops away from the areas in contact with your jewelry. Do not wear them to sleep if your skin is acidic (acidic skin = darkening of jewelry)


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