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Who is Kalypso?

I am Eva Bayrak, a native of Barcelona and a vegetarian (the latter is non-negotiable).

I finished my studies in Fashion Design and Pattern Making, at the Felicidad Duce school in Barcelona in 2006, and ipso facto. Here I began to learn all of the behind the scenes in the world of fashion such as: production, quality control, merchandiser and finally. design. Twelve years of experience that have taken me from Barcelona’s Maresme, historical land of the textile industry to Morocco, Great Britain, Turkey.

My passion for historical fashion led me to get to know the patterns of the 40s, 50s and 60s, falling madly in love with the styling of this era. I have compulsively consume all kinds of garments related to the aesthetics of this period for more than a decade. I have spent millions of hours trying to buy a few items of vintage clothing. Often it has been impossible to find my objects of desire… and I have had to create them.

With this concern and taking advantage of the confinement of 2020, I began to draw the sketches of a collection of retro clothing inspired by the 50s with the need to project myself into a future in which we would once again enjoy music, friends, family The outdoors, the beach…

My mother accompanied me during this process and between the two of us we realized that reproductions of women’s vintage clothing could cover a need in the national and international markets with an additional value, SUSTAINABILITY.

After a market study and evaluating the offer of vintage clothing made in Spain, we set out to found Kalypso, initially as an online store to avoid the fierce competition of prompt fashion and fixed costs.

Without my mother, this dream would not have come true. You can meet her on Linkedin Carmen Espinola Rodriguez.

Also, just like Catwoman, I have a double life that starts when the lights go out in the cities and the streetlights start to shine, at this moment one of the well-known Burlesque artists from Spain appears. You may know me as Evita Mansfield or Evita. It is very possible that the sensuality of my artistic character is contagious to my facet as a fashion artisan and is reflected in my creations.

What is this Kalypso?
It is the first retro ethical online store made in Spain.

These are original designs inspired by vintage designs, adapted to today’s life. We offer the clothes that are not found in Spain to people who share the love for Vintage, especially from the wonderful 50s and 60s.

My productions will always be very limited editions. Created with polyester crepe fabrics, bengaline, viscose poplin, cotton and all with a percentage of elastane that replace the original rayon and viscose and are much more comfortable to wear and easy to care for.

Although our patterns have a 100% vintage aesthetic, they have been adapted to

21st century lifestyle, guaranteeing versatility, elasticity and a lot of practicality.

Our concept of direct selling (without intermediaries) sustainable fashion allows us to contain prices; so our clothes have an affordable cost for the needs of each customer.

The colors and models in the catalogue will always be designed to combine with each other because a harmonized wardrobe is your best ally.

Don’t hesitate, your retro wardrobe is in Kalypso

If you like the model, but prefer another color, we can talk about it through


You will also find the right accessories. Sandals mules, Marilyn earrings, authentic replicas of Japanese handbags from the 40s, flower headdresses… everything you need to complement your looks like a retro diva.

In our blog, we will delve into the female pin-up style, rockabilly fashion, bombshell etc, in order to spread the style of the 40’s, 50’s, 60 in its multiple facets, so that we can enjoy it to the fullest.

Why is his name Kalypso?


It’s for the calypso musical style. This genre is a Caribbean rhythm imported from Trinidad very cheerful and danceable that became popular in New York in the 1950s and is characterized by the use of recycled drums as instruments. This detail defines our philosophy.



calipso drums

Kalypso’s ethics

The creations will always be handmade and made with love respecting the quality standards of vintage.

We recycle stock of other current or old fashion productions and turn them into top quality garments with the least environmental impact. Therefore, products will not be replenished once they run out. Thus we guarantee the added value of exclusivity with very limited quantities of each model. Of course, we will repeat with different colors and slight variations each season because our patterns do not go out of fashion.

I plan the production process and the purchases of fabrics located in my city, Barcelona, with a global vision and creativity. My proposal is an alternative to early fashion.

I want to be your new shop Slow fashion online

The Glamour you crave properly made in Spain

It suits you and the environment



I am passionate about the insinuating lines of Hollywood stars like Jayne Mansfield, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Page… The aesthetic of these divas is the best expression of sensuality and glamour.

My biggest inspiration will always be Carmen Miranda

An exotic and groundbreaking artist who left us a message of color, life and optimism prevalent today.

Carmen Miranda en Pinterest

Kalypso philosophy

I believe that the act of dressing should be a pleasure and should serve to strengthen self-esteem. With my clothes I want to help you go where you want, when you want, and that you always feel elegant, modern, happy and confident. Going to work is not the same as going to a festival or a date. And although we have the right to dress as we like, many times we do not have within reach the clothes that feel best.

This is what Kalypso is all about, empowering women and enhancing self-esteem by wearing the feminine silhouette.








Vintage Women’s Clothes 40’s,

50, 60 Style,  femme fatale, pin up,  Hollywood glamour at your fingertips

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Kalypso community

At Kalypso we want your support and complicity.

We would like to count on your collaboration to improve our clothes, your opinion on sizes, colors and anything else that you think is important will be very useful to improve the catalog.

So do not hesitate to leave your review on our website, and of course…Dare to share your Kalypso looks on social networks and tag us in @kalypso.es!


Kalypso is your vintage inspired women’s clothing brand



Made by women, ethically and slow-fashion for women



Made with scrap fabrics and vintage furnitures looking for the best quality with the least environmental impact




Original designs made in Barcelona from start to finish


If it’s made today and looks like vintage women’s clothes, it’s retro clothes