Kalypso is more than just a vintage-inspired womenswear brand.
Made by women, in an ethical and slow-fashion way for women.
Made with leftover fabrics and vintage trimmings looking for the best quality with the least environmental impact.
Original designs made in Barcelona from start to finish.


artisan textile production
Who is Kalypso?

Right now, it’s just two of us – me and my mom!

I’m Eva Bayrak, I’m 32 years old, from Barcelona, and a vegetarian (the latter is non-negotiable!).

2020 hasn’t been easy for anyone, especially for those who’ve suffered personal losses. I’ve felt the need to escape from the present and project myself into a future (I hope soon) where we will again enjoy music, friends, family, the outdoors, and the beach. Taking advantage of the confinement and feeling a need to create something bright and beautiful in these dark and uncertain days, I began to draw the sketches of a collection of retro clothes inspired by the 50s.

I think there are many women dissatisfied with the range of clothing currently offered in Spain.

We saw that reproductions of vintage women’s clothing could fill a need in the national market.

We decided to open an online store to avoid competing with fast-fashion and high overheads. My mom encouraged me through early struggles and set backs, like when the workshops closed during the lockdown. She also deals with the web, legal issues, and she helped me with the business plan. Without her, this dream would not have become a reality. You can meet her on Linkedin Carmen Espinola Rodriguez




If it’s made today and it looks like vintage women’s clothing, it’s retro clothing.



If it’s made today but looks like vintage women’s clothing, it’s retro clothing.

What is Kalypso?

Kalypso is the first and only store in Spain where you can buy retro clothing online.

Are you bored at home? Are you making plans for the New Normality? You may be wondering how to dress to go to that job interview or that long-awaited appointment. You’ve been waiting to get your summer style on and at Kalypso.es we work to give you the answers you need to find your perfect fashion fit for the season.

Glamor made with love in Spain

It suits you and the environment


  • Style
  • Comfort
  • Sustainable
  • Pattern

The Eva Bayrak brand

Contemporary reproductions of classic mid-century vintage women’s clothing, adapted to modern life.

My brand’s look is shaped by my passion for the style (and shape!) of classic Hollywood stars like Jayne Mansfield, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Page … The aesthetics of these divas, to me is the ultimate expression of sensuality and glamor. I’ve compulsively consumed everything related to the aesthetics of the golden age for more than a decade. I have spent countless hours trying to buy retro clothing online. It has often been impossible to find the objects of my desire and I’ve ended up having to create them myself. We are a too select few to get Zara or Mango to produce what we like to wear, so I’m here to try and give it a shot. I’ve started with the kind pf everyday Vintage basics that are practically impossible to find in the market at a reasonable price.

I want to offer clothes that aren’t easily found in Europe to people who share my love for Vintage, especially from the wonderful fashion era of the 50s and 60s.

We are commited to sustainabilty, affordabilty and inclusivity – Vintage style, not vintage values!





Why is it called Kalypso?

We found the inspiration in the musical styleof calypso – a playful, fun and danceable imported Caribbean rhythm from Trinidad that became popular in New York in the 1950s and is characterized by the use of recycled drums as instruments. This all goes along with our philosophy: we love to recycle styles, fabrics and patterns to give them new uses.



calipso drums






These are original designs inspired by vintage designs, adapted to today’s life.



I want to offer the garments that are not found in Spain to people who share my love for Vintage, especially from the wonderful 50s and 60s.

retro fashion womenswear exclusive design
I think the act of dressing should be a pleasure, and should help to reinforce self-esteem. With my clothes I want to help you go where you want, when you want – always feeling elegant, modern, happy and sure of yourself, in any circumstance. Because going to work isn’t the same as going to a festival or out on a date. And although we have the right to dress any way we want, many times we can’t, especially when we don’t have, or can’t find, the right clothes.

Women should have the chance to enhance our feminine side and enjoy that experience at least once in life. That’s what my brand is about: empowering women and enhancing self-esteem by embracing the female form.

buy retro fashon womenswear

Vintage women’s clothing 1950s style, pin up at your fingertips

My productions will always be very limited editions. Created with polyester crepe fabrics, bengalin, viscose poplin, cotton and all with a percentage of elastane that replace the original rayon and viscose and are much more comfortable to wear and easy to care for.

These creations will always be artisan and made with love, respecting vintage quality standards.

I always choose small workshops in the province because I need to have them close and want to be respectful of the environment through the whole process. The production process and purchases of fabrics all happen in Barcelona, my city – keeping it local but with a global vision and creativity. My proposal is an alternative to fast-fashion.

I want to be your Slow Fashion online store!

My greatest inspiration will always be Carmen Miranda

 Carmen Miranda Pinterest


retro fashion womenswear  blouse
The mission of this store is to spread the style of the 50s, 60s in all its many facets, so that we can fully enjoy it and find inspiration. In the blog, we are going to delve into the feminine pin-up style, rockabilly fashion, the bombshell look, and anything else comes to mind in the world of vintage womenswear and style.

At Kalypso, you can buy retro clothing for women online with the added value of exclusivity since very limited quantities of each model are produced. We will be revisiting the basic designs with different colors and slight variations each season, because the classic patterns of the 50s and 60s don’t go out of style every 6 months. We’re going to have cheap retro dresses because the Slow Fashion concept allows us to keep prices fair; skirts, pants, tops, blouses, bodices, bustiers and shirts.

The colours and models in the catalog are always designed to combine nicely with each other and to become pillars of your wardrobe. Because a well managed closet is your best ally!

You will also find the perfect accessories. We have started with a line of replica bags based on Japanese models from the 1940s that I consider very versatile and practical. I invite you to check them out comment on them too!

An exotic and groundbreaking artist who gave us a message of colour, life and optimism that comes in handy in these times.
I realy hope you’ve enjoyed reading about me and my brand and learning a bit of what we’re all about. Consider me at your disposal to help you with any questions and conerns… but, really, I am the one that needs your help now! I would love to count on your collaboration to help improve my clothes –  your opinion on sizes, colours and anything else that seems important to you is important to me, to help improve my catalog. If you’re interested in being a  “collaborator-tester”: I will send you the model by email before putting it on sale, so that you can tell me what you think, and if you are interested, you will keep it at cost price – that way we both win!

If you like the model, but prefer another color, let me know –  we can talk about it! What do you think? Drop me a line here and let me know, I look forward to hearing from you!





Since you’ve come this far, you deserve a reward. I’m going to reveal a little secret…

As Catwoman, I have a double life that begins when the lights go out in the cities and the streetlights begin to shine, at this moment Eva Bayrak transforms and one of the well-known Burlesque artists of Spain appears. You may know me as Evita Mansfield. Here’s a link in case you’re curious. It is very possible that the sensuality of my artistic character spreads to my facet as a fashion artisan and is reflected in my creations. facebook EvitaMansfield



Finished the studies of Fashion Design and Pattern making, at the Felicidad Duce school in Barcelona in 2006, I started to study the world of fashion from the back of the business: production, quality control, merchandiser and finally design. Twelve years of experience that have taken me from Barcelona’s Maresme, land of the textile industry forever, to Morocco, Great Britain, Turkey. In 2019 with Byluma.es I was able to implement the entire production process as head of production. linkedin Eva-Bayrak

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