The countdown begins for the most terrifying night of the year. Do you already have your look or do you need inspiration?

We have created a board on Pinterest with endless ideas. We update it regularly and hope that you follow us. Here is the link: HALLOWEEN COSTUMES

We propose several simple ideas that you can get with versatile garments available on our website, such as the Vamp dress, made of velvet. You can get it in red, black and emerald green. This dress is ideal for Halloween and any other occasion in which you want to feel authentic. Femme Fatale.


You can also get a SIMONE top which is now available in red, black, and purple and in two sleeve lengths!

The truth is that this top goes with any look 🙂

Or how about a Kitten, or Cat Woman? You have countless possibilities with a catsuit like the BETTIE

Just back in stock!