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Discover our timeless aesthetic garments inspired by the 40s, 50s, 60s …

Pin up, vamp, femme fatale, rockabilly … the look is up to you!

Historical fashion

KALYPSO.ES is SLOW FASHION local production in Barcelona KALYPSO.ES MAKES YOU DREAM cause it’s inspired by the fashion of the golden age of Hollywood KALYPSO.ES PIN-UP STYLE for your daily look KALYPSO.ES AUTHENTIC ROCKABILLY STYLE for your events, parties and appointments KALYPSO.ES ES MAKES YOU DIVINE because you are!
KALYPSO.ES IS ELEGANT AND EXCLUSIVE very limited collections KALYPSO.ES WHAT WAS MISSING because we are in Spain and we speak your language KALYPSO.ES COLOR, MUSIC, SMILES because you only live once KALYPSO.ES A PHILOSOPHY we all deserve to be beautiful and admired KALYPSO. IS YOUR PARTNER because a well-stocked wardrobe is your best friend

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