Mirror mirror, which swimsuit suits me best?


The high throw of any garment has always seemed the most flattering. Especially for the female figure as it emphasizes the curves marking the waist. Only in very specific and special cases do I recommend another court, for example the empire.



 ¿High shot panties?

In swimwear, the high shot is a safe bet. Because how many of us have flat bellies? Few, and the more years pass, pregnancies etc, the less flat it is. So I think it’s a good idea to give her privacy. You can opt for a swimsuit, there are beautiful models, but if you do not want to go so covered or simply you are more bikini, high-throw are the ideal alternative to go to the sea or the pool keeping the vintage aesthetic and belly in a safe place.

Yes it is true that in the 60s began to look the most daring bikinis hip and well, they look beautiful but I personally think even without having a belly seems to emphasize (if not sometimes even squeezes)



The openings on the sides are a way to show only the skin that suits. That is, go less covered showing a less risky area 😄 

If you like to take care of your vintage aesthetic in any situation, do not neglect it on the beach and take a look at our available retro options!

 Bikini retro Penelope

el bikini de estilo retro de Ariadne Artiles


It’s worth choosing what suits you.


I’d like you to trust me because I know what I’m talking about. Not because of my titles or my experience in the fashion industry but because I compulsively consume everything related to the aesthetics of Hollywood divas since I was 16. It has often been impossible to find my objects of desire and I have had to create them. I consider myself an experienced vintage inspired retro fashion artisan.