Have you seen the new Elvis and Marilyn Monroe movies and became fascinated with the feminine and elegant vintage aesthetic that was used in the 40s, 50s and 60s? Thanks to icons like Marilyn Monroe, the women’s fashion of that time became some of the most flattering that has ever existed.


Would you like to dress like the Hollywood divas of the time but can’t find similar clothes? Keep reading, we will explain how and where to find clothes that go with Marilyn Monroe.


Marilyn Monroe’s fashion is considered timeless and will always be a staple for your wardrobe. Just recently we saw Kim Kardashian wear the same dress that Marilym Monroe wore as a tribute to her.


Marilyn Monroe was known for dressing very elegant and wearing designs that greatly emphasized her silhouette. This was done by wearing elegant dresses, peter pan collars and matching gloves. Fashion experts say that the biggest contributions she made to fashion was how she embraced her curvaceous and alluring figure. At Kalypso we have the Ruby dress which will allow you to show off your curves and shine like a star. 


Perhaps the most iconic photo of actress Marylin Monroe is of the white dress in which the skirt blows in the wind. We have a set that fits this perfectly. It is a a “shirt and skirt set”. 


If you like the outfit and feel like experimenting with another color, I recommend the “Marilyn” Top along with the Gina Pencil Skirt.


Our last proposal is the jumpsuit that the actress wore both for celebrations and casual days. Our version of the jumpsuit, Janet, which is perfect for both occasions.


Marylin didn’t always dress in ball gowns, in fact, she liked to wear minimalist clothes for her day to day like the Capri pantsskirts and shirts that fit her curves.

 Natalie y Capri SlacksTallulah

Natalie y “Lena” Shorts

To achieve a look like Marylin Monroe’s, you need to add accessories, like her famous berets in winter. They are not only elegant, but they also keep you warm. 

You cannot complete your outfit without the perfect shoes. Our mules are ideal to combine and achieve the Marilyn style.