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These days have reached the screens two biopics that fascinate by its vintage aesthetic, the films about Elvis and Marilyn Monroe, and I thought of writing about the diva of the cleavages.

The style of these two icons survives over time and continues to make a splash today. It is surprising to see the use of accessories, colors and designs so bold that they looked. Not even today would be for anyone.

Both shared the fact of having had a difficult childhood and demonstrated an enormous ability to overcome. 

Marylin so feminine and elegant broke the taboos of modesty forever empowering women. Elvis did the same and showed that one could escape stereotypes in a very rigid time.

In terms of cleavage, it proved to be the best and made a few famous.

Marilyn Monroe fashion is considered timeless and we all resort to it at some point. One of Marylin’s greatest contributions was the designs that highly emphasized her curvilinear and seductive figure, like a second skin. Kim Kardashian gave us an example of this recently in a tribute he attended.

Kim KArdashian al estilo Marylin Monroe

Marilyn Monroe managed to be very elegant thanks to the use of accessories, such as matching gloves.


Great strapless necklines are iconic.

In my collection I could not miss some outfit like that.

We have Vestido Yma y el top bustier

Marylin Monroe Great strapless necklines
 elegant midi dress
top bustier

Neckline with drop sleeve

This so suggestive and elegant neckline requires a pattern studied so that the sleeve falls just right and you do not get a scare. 

The Ruby dress is a vintage reproduction of a very flattering model of the Hollywood diva. with which you can show off your curves and shine like a Hollywood star.

The hidden rubber on the shoulders, the elastic fabric and the strategic ruched chest provide a perfect fit for your comfort.



Blue draped tube dress and short sleeves
Marylin Monroe with Fall Sleeve Dress


And, of course, the “halter” neckline that is known in the world as Marylin neckline

Perhaps the most iconic photo of actress Marylin Monroe is of the white dress in which the skirt flies by the wind. Our tribute is the set “Patsy”, a two-piece version in cotton fabric so you can combine them and give much use.



halter shirt and flight skirt set
Marylin Monroe with Fall Sleeve Dress


For more elegant occasions, we have created the top “Marilyn” in velvet that is combined with flight skirt or tube, the pencil skirt Gina. It also looks divine with velvet goats.

Marylin Monroe with halter neckline and swing skirt
halter neckline and swing skirt

For me, the height of the elegance of this woman’s fantasy was when the monkey was sheathed.  Marylin wore it both for celebrations and for casual days.

In kalypso we have different versions of monkeys, short or long sleeves, short or long pants. We make them in knit, velvet or lurex and we always choose fabrics that are not transparent and have a little elasticity to suit the figure. Janet, it’s ideal for both occasions.

long jumsuit magenta
Marylin in red jumsuit
short catsuit
long jumsuit brown lurex
long jumsuit black lurex
long jumsuit brown lurex

Marylin Monroe is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me and I hope it will be for you as well. I leave you this link that I found interesting and I call you to another post because this diva gives for a lot. We will talk about their most casual looks, always impregnated with an absolute sensuality and accessories. See you around!

Dresses made Marilyn an icon

The fashion of the 50s is perfect to connect with your feminine side and boost your self-esteem.

Anímate a probar estos 3 looks y a compartir tus sensaciones

I’d like you to trust me because I know what I’m talking about. Not because of my titles or my experience in the fashion industry but because I compulsively consume everything related to the aesthetics of Hollywood divas since I was 16. It has often been impossible to find my objects of desire and I have had to create them. I consider myself an experienced vintage inspired retro fashion artisan.