At Kalypso, retro clothing online store we are very lucky because we have talented clients satisfied with our vintage women’s clothing.

We have just received this beautiful video, courtesy of one of our satisfied customers. Maybe you know her by her stage name: Miss Siller. If you don’t know her yet, visit her public profile on IG @srtasiller

Amparo Siller is a wonderful artist whose life has always been linked to dance. Flamenco dancer and Burlesque dancer, lives in Granada and walks her spell through Spain and the world.

With this crisis that has tied us on land, many women have found the opportunity to launch their personal projects. Such is the case of @evabayrak, with the launch of its first collection of reproductions of vintage clothing and @srtasiller who has launched their first collection of self-made teat cups and other beautiful accessories covered in crystals.

I invite you to watch the video and share it, of course 🙂