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Would you like to dress more feminine or more glamorous?

If you read below you will discover how to dress in a sensual and feminine style which is the 50’s fashion that is seen in Mad Men and Miss Masiel.

Most likely you think that this is going to be about the Pin-Up style However, this is just one of those that the golden age has bequeathed us. I am going to reveal the fundamental features which will allow you to be able to use them in your day-to-day life and adapt them to your tastes with ease.

I am going to propose three 50’s styled outfits to wear in the summer.

One of the basic garments that were a staple in the 50’s were midi-length skirts and dresses which came in two versions; tube and flared. It was essential to show off one’s waist and because of that people wore their skirts high and with accessories such as belts, buckles, buttons or even bows that accentuated their waist even more.

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50's style sarongs

Original pareo skirt from the 50’s

The first look I propose is a silver dress inspired by the fashion of the 50s.

The dress is characterized by the style of tube-shaped skirt matching with a silver belt embracing your curves. It is a comfortable piece for special occasions, giving elegance with a single strap.

50's style pareo skirt

Coral red long pareo wrap skirt



The second look as a good option is a black velvet jumpsuit.

This jumpsuit with long sleeves and shorts, with an elastic fabric that provides comfort and ideal for any occasion that comes, elegant or casual.

Following the aesthetics of the time, it adjusts to your silhouette, emphasizing your curves with a chain-shaped silver belt playing with the color contrast. On the other hand, it contains a neck that wraps the bottom of the neck lengthening your silhouette.

50's style flared skirt

Evase summer skirt with pink mermaid cut




You can wear the mermaid-style skirt with the same type of blouse as the tube skirt or with a bustier or bodice for a more daring summer look. This outfit is very flattering and I suggest you combine it with platforms and a very chic bag.


For the third look, I propose a very flattering dress, of flight and neckline crossed in tone rose gold.

This garment consists of flight skirt, fitted waist, crossover sweetheart neckline, and short fall sleeves that show the shoulders. It is ideal for cocktails, weddings, dances and even for a date in Paris! A comfortable, beautiful and elegant dress, perfect with heels, a bag, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.

Cross band summer top

Capri pants, green pusher pedal

This revolutionary and tight garment, with a skinny pattern, is so flattering that it continues to triumph today. They are just like pedal pushers and were worn with or without heels. I love them in a basic color, like green because it goes with any brightly colored or white top.

Accessories are a must for the success of any style.

The bag is a key piece of styling. In our section of oriental-style retro bags, you can find inspiration and color choices for the spring-summer season.

Bamboo retro bag

In addition to this bag you can add a thin belt along with other accessories that go with the chosen colors. Examples could be bracelets or earrings.


Add current details by choosing from your favorite add-ons. You will see that this style is very versatile and gives a lot of play. Retro-style glasses make for a great accessory, but gloves and hats are no longer worn so we must get rid of them. However, you can adorn your hair with a barrette. It is useful, easy and adds a touch of color and chic.

Girls dressed in Hollywood style.
Woman with skirt and bamboo bag

If you want to connect to your feminine side and boost your self-esteem then the fashion of the 50’s is perfect for you.

Dare to try these 3 looks and share your feelings.

I would like you to trust me because I know what I’m talking about. Not because of my degrees or my experience in the fashion industry, but because I compulsively consume everything related to the aesthetics of Hollywood divas since I was 16. I have found it impossible to find the clothing that I desire and therefore I have had to create them. I consider myself an experienced artisan of vintage-inspired retro fashion.